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James Beard NORFRISA

“If I had to narrow my choice of meats down to one for the rest of my life, I am quite certain that meat would be pork.”

-James Beard

Who doesn’t love pork? In the Western world and Central Europe, pork is the most popular meat. It’s also popular in East and Southeast Asia (Mainland Southeast Asia, Philippines, Singapore, East Timor, and Malaysia). Because of its fat content and texture, it’s used in Asian cuisines, particularly in China.

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Founded in 1972, NORFRISA SA, FRIGORÍFICOS DEL NORDESTE, is a slaughterhouse dedicated solely and exclusively to the slaughter of pigs. We have a model facility of more than 16,000 square meters that allows us to slaughter 10,000 pigs a day, with a chain speed of 650 pigs per hour.

Our current partners are Cárnica Batallé SA and Frigoríficos Unidos SA, with a 50% stake in each company.

Our main product is pork carcasses and as by-products, we offer white waste (stomach, intestines), red waste (kidneys, hearts, tongues, livers), heads, and butter.

To make our daily work possible, we have 179 own workers and 17 official inspectors, of which 5 are official veterinarians and 12 are veterinary inspection assistants. A great team of people who make sure that our quality certificates remain unchanged.

At NORFRISA we have the authorization to export to Russia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, China, Singapore, and Vietnam.

About Norfrisa
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At NORFRISA S.A. we apply strict control to our supplier farms so as to ensure the quality of the pigs slaughtered at our abattoir. We painstakingly select the genetic background of our suppliers, with strict supervision to ensure that we receive produce offering the highest quality and safety guarantees.

We continuously optimize production, quality, and hygiene. We ensure that you get the necessary certificates according to the highest standards. Our quality seals and certificates, which are periodically renewed, guarantee the highest levels of quality and food safety in our company’s processes, products, and services.

Our production activity takes into account many environmental aspects, which have been controlled from the beginning and towards which an attitude of active and constant improvement has been kept.

Norfrisa always moving forward.

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Follow the news on our blog to learn about the benefits and properties of our meats. Know about recent industry news, trends and updates. We share every details with you about our company development and growth.

Quality Assurance

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Great demands are generally placed on food producers, and at NORFRISA S.A. we have taken the step fully and live up to the industry's strictest quality and hygiene certifications: BRC, IFC and IAWS. We are thus approved to supply pork to the most demanding markets such as the American and Japanese markets.
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