Founded in 1972, NORFRISA SA, FRIGORÍFICOS DEL NORDESTE, is a slaughterhouse dedicated solely and exclusively to the slaughter of pigs.

During this period, important international delegations have visited Litera Meat, which today has become a reference of the sector inside and outside our boundaries.

Since NORFRISA started operating, its business activities have speeded up, and it has established major trade agreements and consolidated its operations in a territory in which the agri-food industry is a strategic sector. A team that is committed to and passionate about the pork sector is the key that driving our continuous growth.

We have exemplary facilities of more than 16,000 square meters that allow us to slaughter 10,000 pigs per day, with a chain speed of 650 pigs per hour. Our main product is pork carcasses and as secondary products, we offer white offal (stomach, intestines), red offal (kidneys, hearts, tongues, livers), heads, and butter.

At NORFRISA we have the authorization to export to Russia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, China, and Vietnam.

To make our daily work possible, we have 179 employees and 17 official inspectors, of which 5 are official veterinarians and 12 are veterinary inspection assistants. A great human team that ensures that our quality certificates remain unchanged.

The unstopping growth of the company leads to the construction of a new production plant. When finished, it will host a new area for cured and cooked charcuterie and a new logistic center.

Mission: to produce in a sustainable way healthy meat and meaty products for human nourishment at the global level.

Vision: to generate work, wealth, and welfare for our customers, suppliers, shareholders, workers, and society in general.

Values: Ethics, seriousness, and commitment

We lead the meat sector by adapting to market demands through excellence-oriented processes and day by day, we strive to ensure that our business management model generates added value and promotes the professional development of our stakeholders.


16,000 M²

179 Employees

10,000 Heads daily

2 Slaughter Lines

3 Stabilisation Rooms