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At NORFIRSA, we are highly concerned about animal welfare, integrity, and traceability throughout the food chain. That is why we have voluntarily adopted specific measures that go above and beyond the legal standards required. Additionally, control and external auditing systems are implemented throughout the entire process.

Our commitment to animal welfare takes form through our compliance with current law in all phases of production, including farms, transport, and abattoirs.

Obtaining the Welfair® certification is based on the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, from which 12 specific criteria are established that are evaluated through the direct observation of our animals.

Animal Welfare

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

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Menjar Vermell

Freedom from
hunger and thirst

Tanca Vermell

Freedom from

Malalties Vermell

Freedom from pain,
injury and disease

Cor Vermell

Freedom from
fear and distress

Comportament Vermell

Freedom to express
normal behaviours

Animal Welfare, certified by AENOR


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At NORFRISA we have attained the Animal Welfare certificate AENOR Conform, based on the European standards Welfare Quality and Awin®, Europe’s leading benchmark in Animal Welfare.

We integrate animal welfare throughout the food chain, from the farm to the abattoir, guaranteeing traceability at all times, right to the final product.
This means having thorough control of all of the processes, from rearing and fattening to transport, slaughter, processing, distribution, and finally, the sale